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Health Care Pvt Ltd


About C&A; Health Care

 C&A group was conceived in 2009 with the vision of creating healthy and safe living. Our

purpose is to give every person in the world access to personal hygiene by innovating,

manufacturing, and distributing health and safety products that adhere to the best of

global standards. We have since grown to become a successful, multi-product, and

multi-channel organization that has catered to several happy customers.

C&A Healthcare is a division of the C&A Group of Companies that is home to the C&A

Construction, Automotive, Textiles, and Process Compliance Monitoring divisions, to form an

extensive distribution network across various industries. Apart from a large network of

external associates, we have a direct sales channel of over 35 employees. With our

expansive service network, we offer an unparalleled reach across medical verticals. We

have also extended our presence to the local market in India by forming distribution

partnerships with renowned brands.

Further, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the superior quality of materials, formula

development, and effective packing techniques ensures our longevity and success in the

market. The division’s greatest strength is the expertise of the team.


About Products & Brands

Our products have catered to the personal hygiene sector, the healthcare sector, and the safety sector. We have over 25 products in our inventory that are equipped to meet the requirements of our partners. Further, a comprehensive manufacturing unit allows the large-scale production of standardized products, while the adoption of sophisticated processes helps our endeavor to innovate new solutions. With precision and expertise, we employ the latest technology to offer everything from design to prototyping, and production runs. From concept to design to manufacture to distribution, our team of highly experienced

technicians delivers quality healthcare products. The latest innovative effort towards safety that we have made during the pandemic is the Body Shield, a plasma air bipolar ionization technology. This superior solution proactively treats the air in an occupied space at the source of contamination rather than using the traditional ‘filtered air’ approach.

Our competitive advantage in the domestic market lies in our presence across major Medical,OTC, Institutional & Commercial sectors.

Pep plus
Pup cide
Body shield
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